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My name is Sandra Harnett and I help women just like you to get clarity on the next right steps for you and your life. 

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Sandra Harnett


Exhausted? Lacking motivation?

Come to a crossroads in your life and unsure how to move forward and how to make the right decision?

Want to explore all the options in a safe, confidential non-judgemental space with someone who is impartial? 

Is now the right time for you to start putting yourself first and to get back to you? 

Who is Sandra Harnett Coaching for?

• Women who are fed up of feeling exhausted all of the time but currently lack the motivation to make changes.

Women that have come to a crossroads in their lives but are unsure of the next step.

Women that want to share their thoughts and dream in a safe space without being judged.

Women who want to feel listened to and understood.

Sandra Harnett


Want a variety of fitness classes?

Enjoy the accountability of turning up live to a class but without the hassle of traveling to and from a venue?

Looking for a friendly knowledgeable instructor who makes exercising fun?

Love the idea of exercising from home but not a fan of being left to your own devices like many of the on-demand classes do?

Who is Sandra Harnett Live for?

• Women who want variety as they get bored easily with the same type of workout.

Women who don’t want to go to a face to face class.

• Women who want to get their workout done either live in the morning or at a time that suits them (recorded sessions are available). 

Women who don’t want to sit in traffic travelling to and from their class. 

• Women who want to have fun and be motivated while still in the comfort of their own home.

Sandra Harnett

On Demand

Want a variety of fitness classes that you can pick and choose at any time?

Need flexibility to decide when you work out? Don’t have time to be restricted by a fixed timetable?

Looking for a friendly knowledgeable instructor who makes exercising fun?

Want to still feel like you’re part of a live class and a community?

Who is Sandra Harnett On Demand for?

Women who want variety as they want to be able to take a full holistic approach to their workouts.

• Women who don’t want to go to a face to face class.

Women who want to get their workout done at a time that suits them and not be limited by a class schedule.

• Women who don’t want to sit in traffic travelling to and from their class. 

Women who want to have fun and be motivated while still in the comfort of their own home. 

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About Sandra Harnett

Sandra has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years and in that time has taught 1000s of women how to become fitter, stronger, healthier and more confident. 

Sandra’s fitness career started with teaching fitness and weight loss classes in school halls and local community centres. She then became a Rosemary Conely Diet and Fitness Club franchisee in 2004 and after the closing of RC’s business Sandra continued teaching in the community just as before.

When the pandemic struck in 2020 she immediately took her classes online and continued to serve her members. Sandra understood how vital staying fit had become and the importance of the continued connection for her community.

In 2022, Sandra achieved a lifelong dream and moved to North Wales to be by the sea where she continues to teach all of her classes and deliver coaching sessions online. 

Sandra knows exactly what it’s like to put your dreams on hold; to struggle with the relationship with your body as you get older; how important it is to learn how to work with your body rather than against it; and have the right support from likeminded, non-judgemental women. 

Sandra personally understands the challenges that women face in midlife and beyond being a midlife woman herself. She has struggled with her weight as she has matured and has learnt the best methods for fitness and weight loss in midlife and beyond. It has been vital for Sandra to understand how differently she needs to eat and exercise in her 50s compared to her 20s not only so she can help herself but also so she can support her clients in a bigger and better way. 

Sandra is passionate about helping women who have been through similar or the same or worse struggles than she’s gone through as a woman over 50.

Sandra knows what it’s like to find yourself with a body that no longer responds as it used to and a mind that is sometimes foggy. She has been on her own personal journey of discovery to ensure she can flourish rather than struggle and she now shares this knowledge with other women. 


Lorraine H, Worthing

Before we started working together I had had my confidence knocked a few times. I knew the answers were in my own head but I couldn’t get there alone and had stopped listening to myself.  

I’ve known Sandra through her fitness classes and feel she’s a safe caring pair of hands whom I trust and so felt very relaxed about her coaching me. I feel more confident more relaxed and happier since working with Sandra. I am pleased with what I have achieved so far.   

I am now listening to myself and my body more but not the negative voice in me but the happier, more confident me.

Ginny, Harpenden

I think the best thing was that I was able to continue exercising whilst Sandra was on holiday. Definitely recommended to keep continuity during holiday times, or if I was unable to attend one of my live classes online or now face to face.

Amanda S, Kent

The coaching sessions I had with Sandra enabled me to look at how and why I have previously struggled with my goals.

She worked with me on the impact the language I use internally and externally. Sandra helped me to be clear on what I truly want, and it became clear that success came when I focused on me.

Working with Sandra helped me personally but also professionally as the the techniques she shared helped me to review, understand and create opportunities for my business too.

I look forward to more coaching with Sandra in the future.

Lorraine, Worthing

OnDemand classes are great and realy easy to use and setup. There are lots of options and it’s flexible too. I love the classes and they’ve really made a different to me and my life!


Until I became a SH Fitness member I had never done a Pure Stretch class before but oh what a game change it has been! Yes, it is super important to do HIIT strength training, pilates etc but Sanda’s Pure Stretch classes to me are a non-negotiable. A great way to balance out the other classes mentioned but most importantly as someone who sits at a desk (a lot) it really helps me to release tension I didn’t know I had and quite simply because always feel amazing afterwards.

Emma H, Devon

During my coaching sessions with Sandra I have been able to make great progress towards my goals. Sandra would ask really thought provoking questions which would get me thinking and I came up with so many new ideas because of this. 

I never felt rushed and enjoyed the thinking time Sandra gave me. I always felt listened to and felt that because of the sessions I feel my self confidence and self belief has really developed.

Louise M, Yorkshire

I had never had coaching before so this was a bit of a leap into the unknown, though I already knew Sandra for fitness classes.

She immediately put me at ease and made it known from the off that there were no right or wrong answers and sometimes things were flipped on the head which I found liberating, challenging and empowering.

The result is that after 35 years working as a professional classical singer and teacher, I am now studying to become a celebrant and am loving it. Sandra made me see nothing is impossible! We have one life and sometimes we have to take risks out of our comfort zone in order to get to where we want to be.

Would I recommend Sandra? Heck YES! She is warm, engaging, intelligent and has a wonderful sense of humour, a real people person.

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